An Elephant walks into a bar…when some blind men….

There’s an ancient story told about four blind men and an elephant.  And, okay, the subject line was just for fun- there’s no bar in the picture.

The storyline has the blind men each poised at a different location around the animal and examining the elephant as they would: with their hands and that sixth sense. When asked to describe the elephant, each man recounted their experiences. Little wonder each one’s description of the elephant was completely different – yet all of the same elephant.

This story has been used time and again to illustrate how the world’s religions simply reveal different aspects of God, describing God from different points of view. Thus the point is made that all religions will lead to God. 

That story often stops people in their tracks when trying to assert the exclusiveness of Jesus Christ. They see some validity in the story. What if it really does illustrate reality?? 

Christian theologian & philosopher, Ken Samples – one of the resident scholars at Reasons To Believe – reveals how that story actually is worse than you think

Just how would the story go if it truly reflected the Christian position?    

If someone cited that illustration, think what a divine moment it would be if you were able to reveal the difference!

Find out more here


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