What Others Say

“…confident and sensitive…”
Jim served as an enthusiastic and thoughtful leader during a time of significant transition for the organization. Jim’s confident and sensitive approach helped significantly by inspiring confidence, and helping the organization focus on our main mission. Jim also did not retreat from addressing some of the more difficult transition issues, and provided solid leadership during this time.
Eric W. Logan
IT Infrastructure Manager for the vibrant City of Rochester NY

Jim is a man of character and integrity – his passion and dedication for doing the right thing is ever present. He is diligent in his work and maintains a style of leadership that allows for reflection and dialogue.
Dr. Ray Giamartino, Jr.
Chief Accountability Officer – RCSD

“…genuinely kind.., incredibly curious…!”
Jim is genuinely kind to all people. He sees the best in all people. Jim is incredibly curious about life and learning! And he has a genuine love and appreciation for the outdoors.
Melanie Ruark, Teacher Ranger; Literacy specialist, Penquis Valley High School, Milo, ME

“… effective communicator …”
Jim Reeverts is a very trustworthy, integrity-filled, and compassionate individual who also has good organizational skills. He is loyal and has an awareness of both the needs of individuals and of whatever project he is in charge of. He is able to combine people’s skills and projects toward attaining the goals that are before him. Jim is also a very effective communicator whether one on one or before an audience. He is especially conscientious for whatever venture he is involved in and has a keen intellect for making things happen.
Robert Stuart, RTB Covina, CA

“…a motivator, an encouraging voice…”
The way Jim works with adults and kids both makes them know he cares about them and makes them feel like they can do it too. I see Jim as a motivator, an encouraging voice that so many people need. People need to live life, not just be here taking up space – Jim models that and seems to always be able to laugh or smile about things, both good and bad. I have always found Jim to be upbeat and have a positive outlook on things and life in general. I always respected the fact that many people “talk” about how they’d like to do something but most don’t end up doing it. Not Jim! He has had more interesting and diverse experiences in his life than most people I have met. I see him as a curious person which may speak to Jim’s interest in science and nature. I enjoyed watching how his curious nature would inspire kids to want to find out more as well. Jim is a role model and looked up to by many, especially our youth. I see him as the neighbor that would be the first one there if someone needed something.
DAVID JOHNSON, Principal, Churchville Elementary school

“… reliable…”
Jim has a unique sense of humor that shows how aware and caring he is. He is considerate, trustworthy, supportive and reliable. Jim stands up for what he believes is right. He has a commanding voice that shows he’s a good communicator: clear and good at public speaking.
Cheryl Knab, Special Education specialist CCCSD

“… he can deliver results…”
I have worked with Jim for the past four seasons at The Jordan Pond House in Acadia National Park. Jim has worked in a few different customer-focused positions for us and I have found him to be a very valuable employee. Jim is naturally gracious and empathetic. When speaking with the customer he is warm, calm and demonstrates a real care for the people that he is interacting with. This is a natural trait of his and I would always look to place Jim in a position where he was speaking with the public.
Further, Jim works extremely well with others. I know that his coworkers looked forward to the days when Jim was scheduled. His maturity, calmness, and confidence had a positive effect on those that were around him. I would always look to place Jim in a team environment, he can deliver results.
As for the basics, showing up on time, neatness, dress, working on the clock (vs. looking for distractions) and others, Jim passes all of these. I wish I had more employees like Jim.
Edward Noonan, Executive director, Jordan Pond House, Acadia National Park, Seal Harbor, ME

“…highly motivated…”
Jim brings a rich background of experiences to his daily lessons. He is a positive role model who goes more than the extra mile to provide support, leadership and tangible instructional assistance to his students and colleagues. He provides an enabling environment for the developmental needs of his students. Jim’s blend of warmth and
structure provides direct hands-on activities to enhance his student’s mastery of content. His questioning techniques are excellent and thought-provoking. He gently redirects when necessary and validates the contributions of all students I cannot comment on Jim’s interaction among children with disabilities, other than to say his genuine caring and enjoyment of children is an asset. Jim’s patience when interacting with his students is exemplary. He is willing to work with each and every one, often after school and during his breaks, to ensure their success. Jim is often one of the first to arrive and last to leave the school. He is highly motivated and spends much time to create interesting and meaningful lessons to meet the needs of his classes. Jim readily shares ideas with his colleagues, comes prepared to team meetings and presents himself in a very professional manner.
Patricia W. Olson, former team teacher, Gifted & Talented, instructional consultant Churchville-Chili Middle School.

“…wants to help in every way he can…”
Jim is artistic and sees beauty in things others sometimes take for granted. He cares about everyone and wants to help in every way he can, even if it means making sacrifices. Jim puts up with people’s faults and doesn’t put it against them; he is humble.
He has the ability to make me laugh until I almost cry. Jim is an amazing teacher… to the point where I KNOW his students will always remember the fun they had in his class.
Nina Glass – Junior, Rush-Henrietta High School, Rochester, NY

“… Jim is an idea guy…”
Jim is willing to try new things yet also is willing to stay with the status quo when he thinks it best. Jim is an idea guy. His strengths certainly revolve around his ability to connect with people. He genuinely cares about people and engages with them at their point of need. Jim is committed to relationships and does all he can to make them work. Jim is an amazingly caring person and has so much to give to others.
~ Duane Goehner, Consultant, Microsoft Corporation

“…one who acts to start things in motion…”
On the Talent Themes scale, I think Jim is analytical, an activator and deliberative. He believes in a higher purpose. Jim is always seeking input.
• Analytical – one who requires data and/or proof to make sense of their circumstances
• Activator – one who acts to start things in motion
• Deliberative – one who proceeds with caution, seeking to always have a plan and know all of the details
Dr. Mitch Pierce, Regional Director
FMWM Northern Europe

“…ability to develop a vision…”
One strength is Jim’s ability to develop a vision. I believe He can take an idea, own it, and have an impact on those around him. Additionally, Jim is not afraid to take risks and learn from those risks.
Gary Swartzlander Jaycees, Jackson, MI

“…superior in being responsible and following through…”
Jim is gifted with a bright mind, a detail-oriented personality and he loves people. I see him as a gifted teacher as well since he taught a series on science and the scriptures (Bible). It was a most interesting and enlightening week of teaching. Jim is willing to undertake new opportunities entrusted to him. He is also superior in being responsible and following through; persistent and determined to accomplish any assigned task regardless of the challenges he may face. Jim’s heart and mind are fully devoted to God and His purposes. As today we mourn the death of Dr. Billy Graham, I want to acknowledge that Jim is one of the individuals who humbly reflects God’s amazing grace and His unconditional love.
Nelson Blount, Pastor, CrossPointe Community, Cleveland, OH

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