Ode to a Country Inn

*There was a time a few years ago, I imagined owning a bed & breakfast in the Maine woods. My friend at work found a writing contest, the winner of which would be literally given an Inn to operate – in west – central Maine, no less. So I threw my efforts into writing a short essay and entered it, for better or worse. Needless to say I didn’t place. But I also penned a short poem of sorts, posted here on this “Leap Day” for remembrance.

An Ode to a Country Inn

I should like an Inn to own

   and operate just like a home

      away from home; a locale for guests

            to step back in time with elegance.

Forget their troubles instantly

   through MAINE-ly hospitality

      their cares do swiftly fall away

            by enticing meals so savory,

   Décor & banter rich & light,

                  With quiet comfort through the night.

Awakened by the light of dawn

   and sweet aromas from the lawn

      where on the porch invites the gaze

        at God’s handiwork, amazed

              by purple mountain’s majesty

                 while sipping morning fantasy.

Off they go now, pleasantly

   to joyous day’s activity. 

      In earnest then our work begins

            to prep our stately Country Inn.

A team like family to run

   a smooth & tight-knit clockwork sprung.

      Keeping guests their top concern

            leaves no clean comforter unturned.

   Hedges clipped, pillows pressed,

                   Flowers gathered; turkey dressed.

For, diligence will pay its due

   When smiles return a bright ‘Thank You!’

When guests pack up and take their leave

   a wisp of satisfaction grieves; for

There’s nothing quite like the grin

 of welcomed guests at a Country Inn.

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