Rainy Days & Reflections

re-post from– Aug 11, 2015

How is it that thinking about thinking, about life, and about behavior and events seem to flow freely on a rainy day? Is it the contrasting atmosphere inside and out? …The view out the window or the warm cup of joe in my hand?

Whatever the stimulus, the response seems truly human — a line of reason or a really good joke; phrases of lyric or poetry. At the same time, there is a multidimensional sense of the divine: die-cast of the Imago Dei.

I can be stuck in the cab of my truck, wrapped in raingear on a job site, or stalled under a bridge -motorcycle idling. Wherever – whenever there is a pause – the rhythm of the rain creates a self-reflective moment – contemplation while staring at the puddles and droplets. My friend Mark would chuckle at times like this saying, “a good Buddhist would know how many drops of rain were hitting the roof at the same time.” True or not, can you just sense the phenomenon? Drops on the metal roof… together all creating a mantra of peace… just enough to set the mind to thinking, the heart to feeling.  Not exactly set free of the circumstance — rather, released within it.  “I now know why the caged bird sings.”

Truth is a multidimensional reality. Reality is a multidimensional truth.

Okay, Okay. I’ll quit…

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