The B.I.F.F.


Biff Burger!

Why it’s my favorite -it connects to my past; it still makes a mean burger; its weathered the ages

I remember — and it’s still located at the edge of four neighborhoods in Northwest St. Petersburg, FL;  not exactly an ideal location in 1967, if you’re on a sting-ray bicycle careening down along a narrow, busy roadway. Dodging motorists and popping wheelies on the curb’s driveway entries we made our way north along 49th street to the 38th Avenue intersection. After 3 near collisions, my buddy Eddie yells out, “Next time, we take the back roads!”  Once on the north side of the red light, we jump onto the newly constructed sidewalk for the rest of the quarter-mile trek. Much easier eluding pedestrians and a whole lot better wheelie spots. Driving into the parking lot we roll up to the edge of the grass and drop our bikes heading for the outdoor ordering window.  I remember their great burgers: an original recipe sauce and a simple pickle, roto-broiled. Sweet but tangy, juicy and just right for a 10-year-old after a bike-hike around the scenic neighborhoods. Makes my mouth water just remembering it – it’s bringing back floods of good memories! And every time I return to the homestead I realize it’s not a real trip home without a visit to the still-thriving B.I.F.F. Burger joint! So you can believe that when I roll in to town on Saturday, I’m heading for the best – I’m headed for BIFF Burger & Buffy’s BBQ!

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Seriously Compelling features:

Longevity – spawned in the mid-1950’s yet still here – endured, evolved LOCALLY to weather the storms of culture and economy. Nostalgic with sub-cultural appeal: cars & bikes, music & dancing, not to mention seniors who like being instantly transported back to childhood.

BIG DEALS: Nostalgic roots, Community involvement, Thriving evolution- economic survivor! still great, unique food! BUT! Not just memories of days gone by- They’ve gone the extra mile to thrive:

Community service – roots – altruism – promotions that are important to patrons

Evolution yet endurance – the core is still there – the great tasting burger, which was once housed in a progressive, “space-age,” state-of-the-art drive-in restaurant facility: ‘modern’ architecture for the era.

That was then; This is now!

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