Mind Blowing Moments

My mind wandered in Church today. Actually it raced. As soon as I saw the picture of the new sanctuary to be opened soon, that little pea-brain of mine exploded with ideas. Picture me standing at the post-service prayer time with my friend, explaining this with hand motions from the above of my head – ‘boom!’

What the possibilities would be if we prayed, planned, prayed some more, invited guest speakers, prayed, partnered with other Churches and local Colleges… There could be no end to the outreach possibilities, I imagined.

Especially with an evangelistic outreach group like Reasons To Believe – They’re well known for their scientific expertise but little known for being what they really are – mission driven Christians, who -even as scientists and theologians – are dedicated to the Great Commission.

And that’s what I’m often interested in – reaching out to those who have yet to discover what a relationship with Christ Jesus is like. I’m also dedicated to growing my own faith and practice to reflect the character of Jesus of Nazareth. As Martin Luther King, Jr. dedicated his life to following hard after Christ, he famously stated we should be judged by the content of our character.

Character, Excellence, (aiming for perfection and settling for excellence!), Authenticity, and Joy. Things that are valuable and important to me these days.

Check out www.reasons.org for more exciting reasons I embrace the Christian faith and accept its ‘founder’ as the Creator of the Universe.

Check out www.rcalvary.org for more information on what’s growing on there!

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